Step-by-Step: Classic Blow Dry


Prep the hair with abba Volume Gel and Volumizing Root Spray.


Using a blow dryer without the nozzle attachment, power dry the hair to start building volume.

Classic Blow Dry


With the nozzle attachment, blow dry the hair in sections. Starting on top of the head, direct the airflow at the roots of each section to create volume.

Classic Blow Dry


Direct the airflow on the top of the brush to smooth the cuticle.

Classic Blow Dry


Once completely dry, roll the section into a barrel curl and clip on base.

Classic Blow Dry


Complete the entire head in this manner.

Classic Blow Dry


Apply abba Firm Finish Hair Spray (Aerosol) to the hair and let set until the hair has completely cooled.

Classic Blow Dry


Turn the head upside down and shake the hair out. Flip the hair right side up and brush the hair into place.


Refine the shape with a Mason Pearson® brush to sculpt the final look a classic blowout that will last for days.

Classic Blow Dry

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