Step-by-Step: Glamorous Texture


Create the setting tools by taking one or more tongue depressors and wrapping in foil.

Glamorous Texture


Make a section approximately 1/2″ to 1″ around the hairline, depending on the density of the hair. Slice a section on a slight diagonal back about 1/4″ deep and wrap the hair around the stick.

Glamorous Texture


Use a flat iron to heat the hair evenly. The foil is a heat conductor so let cool slightly before resting against the skin.


Continue working from the bottom of the head toward the crown area.

Glamorous Texture


As you reach the top area, start dropping the sticks to create a flat crown effect.

Glamorous Texture


The front will sit askew as you place the sticks lower on the minimal side.

Glamorous Texture


Once the hair has completely cooled take each stick out without disturbing the texture.

Glamorous Texture


Gently break apart each zigzag curl using a tail comb.

Glamorous Texture


With an extremely large, wide tooth comb smooth out the very top layer of the set.

Glamorous Texture


Tilt the head to one side and apply abba Firm Finish Hair Spray (aerosol) into the hair to sustain the width of the style.

Glamorous Texture


The result encapsulates notions from several decades: the wave of the 20’s, the dropped crown of the 70’s and the graphic texture of the 80’s.

Glamorous Texture

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